here, in the depths of the human heart and mind, does profound musical achievement arise.  No one truly knows.  There are many who approach music as an opportunity for financial gain, and then, there are those who pursue musical greatness for the sake of greatness.  Robert Joy is truly a supplicant of the latter. For him, music is a lover, a lover whose appetite can never be satiated. Each caressing melody can only lead to another, and another.

Robert, in his quest for perfect tonal elaborations which bring clarity to life and joy, has fashioned musical pieces for those who wish to be enlightened and surrounded with majesty. Come now, on a journey that can only be described as a sweet passage into the heart of profound beauty and vision.


obert's been around for awhile. His interest in music started as a small child. He was consistently fascinated with all things musical. His first musical instrument was the trombone, at the age of 10. Learning how to sight read sheet music and played in the school orchestra for 2 years. Guitar was a popular instrument at that time so Robert taught himself to play after receiving a handed down guitar and amplifier from his brother (who had lost interest in learning to play it himself after only 1 month). Robert eventually found others in his school who were equally interested in music and formed his first band. As the years rolled by Robert began to teach other kids in his neighborhood how to play and became great friends with Chris Musci, now the lead guitarist for the band What it is.

Many bands came and went during those early years. One band of interest, The Charlie Brechtel Band, which performed, among other things, an Allman Brothers Tribute, provided a conduit for Robert to meet and perform with such greats as Gregg Allman (Allman Brothers), Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix), David Shogren and Dale Echerman (Doobie Brothers), and Lydia Pense (Cold Blood).

In the early 90's Robert connected with a group of musicians who were forming an Eagles tribute act, Hotel California: A Salute to the EAGLES. Being a master slide guitarist, Robert melded his talents with theirs and the band shot to the top of the Fair and Festival circuit. The members went full time with the effort, performing 200+ dates per year throughout the United States. The band continues to be a raging success today. Five years after the band's inception  Robert politely bowed out due to family issues and began his adventures in composing. He bought his first synthesizer and quickly recognized that his greatest satisfaction was composing symphonic and ambient pieces.

Robert has compiled a sampler of some of his work which can be heard and/or purchased on the music page. He recognized that much of his melodic composition skill would lend itself well to the film industry, as a result, Robert is currently building a demo with the hope of garnering some attention.

"Thanks for stopping by to check out my new website. I really want to thank all my fans for the support I've received over the years. You guys are great! Feel free to shoot me an email to let me know how you like the new site and the music. Take care." - Robert Joy

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